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Outpatient Services, Certifications, Specialized Trainings

WR Family therapy uses evidence-based therapeutic interventions that are grounded in behavioral change, mindfulness, and traditional talk therapy. 
WR Family Therapy believes healing works best with a person or family centered approach that utilizes the mind's natural ability to heal trauma, rebuild self-esteem and empower the self.
Client centered approaches have been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, childhood behavioral disorders, and grief.

Service and Specialization: Services

Therapy Services

* Family Therapy
* Individual Therapy
* Couple's Therapy
* Treatment Planning
* Mental Health
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Childhood trauma
* Substance Abuse
* Co-dependency
* Abuse
* Life Changes
* Divorce
* Parenting Support
and Education
* Grief and Loss
* Self-harm
* Conflict Resolution
* Social Skill Development
* Attachment Issues
* Self-esteem
* Academic Issues
* Work Issues
* Stress Management
* Anger Management
* Behavioral disorders
* Mood Disorders
* Women's Issues


- CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional)

- CATP ( Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional)

- CCATP-CA ( Certified Child and Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional)

- ADHD- CCSP (ADHD Certified Clinical Service Provider)

- HeartMath Certified Practioner

- HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional 


- HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Certification

- Play Therapy

  • Specialized Trainings


- Iowa PCIT

- Animal Assisted Play Therapy

- Video Games in Play Therapy

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