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How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are typically 45 to 55 minutes long.

What is therapy?

Therapy is all about healing conversations with a client-centered goal in mind. Therapy is a collaborative process where the therapist and client work together to identify unhelpful patterns and figure out ways to make changes to create happier and more balanced lives.

Is Therapy Confidential?

Therapy is bound by the rules of confidentiality. Only you can release your health records to an outsider. The only ones who know about your therapy sessions are you, your therapist and anyone to whom you give the written approval for your psychologist to talk (such as a physician or family member).

What if I don't like my therapist?

No two therapists are the same, not even two therapists working under the same professional title, using the same orientation and applying the same techniques. The good thing about this is that you don't need to write off an entire approach if you are unfortunate enough to have had a bad experience with one therapist. Try someone else; you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

No, WR Family Therapy does not offer a sliding fee scale but we do offer a discount to private pay clients who pay in full at the time of their scheduled session.

When does therapy end?

Typically therapy ends when a client feels they have achieved their goals or when they feel they are no longer making progress.  In some cases, logistical issues, such as changing insurance coverage, necessitate the end of therapy.

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