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White Rabbit Family Therapy

A place where nonsense finally makes sense.

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Life's ups and downs are sometimes overwhelming. Walking into a therapy office can be intimidating, but hope does exist on the other side of the door. We all need a safe place to process the stories that make up our lives.


Its never too late to become the hero...

It takes strength and courage to reach out when we are stuck in the muck. Curiosity is essential to moving forward. I believe that once we become curious and open to the details and patterns influencing our stories, only then are we able to find the compassion and insight needed to create lasting change.

Since 2015, I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Patient well-being is my number one priority, and I go above and beyond to help provide safety, strength, and companionship as you embark and reach new heights in your heroic journey. 



Physical injuries are a part of life. Emotional injuries are also a part of life.
Most wounds will heal, but sometimes we experience an injury that never fully heals on its own.  
Do we hide our injuries and pretend to be OK? This strategy often leads to feelings of brokenness, loneliness, and shame? 
Successful therapy works to connect our external experience to our internal experience. Once a connection is made acceptance, peace, and a sense of balance often follows.

Individual Therapy

In treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, complex trauma and PTSD, a wide array of modalities are used including, Systemic Assessments, Play Therapy, HeartMath, EMDR Techniques, Narratives, CBT and Mindfulness.

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Family Therapy

To help caregivers struggling to balance a busy home life with the right amount of nurturing and limit setting, WR Family Therapy will collaboratively create effective strategies to improve communication and increase the trust between you and your child.


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